Our Story

The creative team of Urban Merino are mother and daughter – Sigrid and Saskia.


Sigrid, a successful fashion designer in New Zealand, was born with a passion for clothes and fashion. She always knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. She studied fashion design at Otago University and worked as a pattern maker for various other designers before creating her own label SIGRID. She creates all the Urban Merino patterns herself.


Saskia grew up with her mother’s love for fashion and clothes. She was taught to sew as a young girl and loved designing and making clothes for her dolls. As a teenager she was spotted by a modeling agent and her modeling career began. Saskia modeled in runway shows and magazine shoots in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, New York and London. After 10 years of traveling the fashion world she took a backstage role working for designers and increasing her skills. After having children, Saskia now combines all these experiences to design and run Urban Merino.

Sigrid and Saskia’s passion for fashion and quality, led them to fall in love with a premium fabric called Supersoft Merino. Merino is a breed of sheep whose fleece possesses all the superior qualities of normal wool but merino fleece is much finer and softer than ordinary sheep wool. Urban Merino’s fabric is made using only the finest part of the merino fleece, making it even more luxurious and soft. It does not itch; and the amazing part, unlike cashmere, it is machine washable!

The use of fabric instead of yarn enables Urban Merino to make knitwear that does not look like knitwear. They use tailoring to add design lines and detailing not possible with a machine knitted garment. Your child won’t see a bulky itchy jumper they don’t want to wear but a normal item of clothing soft like cotton… little do they know they will be surrounded by glorious wool keeping them safe, warm and happy.