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Baby Wool Frill Dress Purple / Baby Merino Frill Dress Purple
Girls Wool Frill Dress Blue / Girls Merino Frill Dress Blue
Baby Wool Frill Dress Teal / Baby Merino Frill Dress Teal
Baby Wool Frill Dress Pink / Baby Merino Frill Dress Pink
Girls Wool Frill Dress Grey / Girls Merino Frill Dress Grey

Baby Frill Dress

$15.00 $39.00

    100% Supersoft Merino Wool

    Looking for a cute dress for your crawling baby girl but find that all dresses get it the way?

    This adorable dress is basically a top with a frill... looks ever so cute but won't get caught under her knees as she is busy crawling around and learning how to cruse and walk. Lovely soft, lightweight merino won't make them too hot and bothered but you'll know they are cosy and warm.

    Looks great when paired with our leggings.